The History


The History

This is the story of the Tunisian company of filters, which has managed in a few years to enter the markets of automotive filtration and to impose itself. It is a real case study of a company that is full of ambitions and overflowing projects.

The Tunisian company of filters is a family business founded in Tunisia in 1979 and is based in Jedeida near the capital. The factory first specialized in the manufacture of filters for the Tunisian automotive aftermarket, to later cross the Mediterranean and offer its products to its customers on the European continent.

Our international adventure

In the early 2000s, the Tunisian company of filters, thanks to competitive products that meet European standards, became a supplier of original filters for the PSA group.

Today, it is a reference for most European car manufacturers as well as for many American and Japanese manufacturers.

In 2009, the Tunisian company of filters becomes a leader on the local market, takes a big bet, which is to buy its French customer Solaufil France and its Spanish subsidiary Solaufil Iberica.

The Tunisian company of filters does not stop there and opens new subsidiaries, first in Morocco in 2009 and then in Poland in 2011 to constitute the group Misfat filtration, which is now an automotive supplier in full expansion internationally.